Monday, July 26, 2021

DIY: Painting an heirloom piece of furniture

I love furniture - especially vintage furniture.  And as I've become an adult I've acquired quite a few great pieces of furniture, but my favorites are the heirloom pieces that have been passed down from older generations in my family.  The twin bed that was in my bedroom when I was a kid came from my great grandmother's house. 

See below to see the bed in the background of an awesome 1990 fashion photo! (I was 11!)  This was the best photo of the bed I could find.  

1990, 11 years, old, dinosaur bedspread, clear phone

Fast forward 25 years - In 2006, Carlos and I were married and moved back to my hometown.  We didn't have any kids - just a fixer upper and 2 beagles. In a 3 bedroom house, we each had an office.  
I wanted an office/guest room that was pink, black, and white with a Parisian theme.  So I took my childhood bed, painted it white, and voila! 

Well, that bed went into storage once our first kid was born, but once his little sister needed his toddler bed, he inherited the white bed that was once mine for his Star Wars room!

Well, that bed was one of a pair - my cousin had the other one growing up, and now it was needed when little sister outgrew her smaller bed.  We decided to give her the white bed and paint the second bed frame blue!  This was one of my summer projects this year.  Carlos found the perfect shade of blue in a spray can and I got to work! 

 I think the blue looks perfect in his room! 

And sister's room is coming along with her new bed as well.  We are transitioning from a Star Wars room for her to something else.  We are trying to go with just pink and add accent pieces as I feel like her interests will change pretty often.  Right now it's all about cats, so she has this pretty awesome zip up cat bedspread!  

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