Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Star Wars Girls Bedroom

Star Wars is NOT just for boys, a fact that has been proven by the huge success of the Her Universe clothing line!  (Side note: If you have not read Ashley Eckstein's book, It's Your Universe, you need to - it's great!)

To further prove this fact, my girl requested a Star Wars bedroom when she was just 4.  I was really wanting her to pick Minnie Mouse or something else, but she was adamant!

So, her dad (our resident Star Wars expert and decorator), got to work on creating an awesome Star Wars room for her.

The first step was to find bedding. We found some pink and purple bedding that featured strong girl characters in Star Wars! 

We like to use wall decals for the kids' rooms because they add to the decor without damaging the walls and they can be easily removed.  We found some fun Stormtrooper helmets and a favorite Yoda quote for her room.

And also some awesome light saber hooks! (and yes, she has a BB-8 backpack!)

The finishing touches were Funko plushies.  We knew she would love soft toys to play with, so we got BB-8, R2-D2, Rey, Luke, and a Stormtrooper.

To find all of these awesome Star Wars items, check out my Amazon list of Star Wars decor for kids rooms!

And finally, no themed room is complete without some books! I also have an Amazon list full of Star Wars books just for kids!  

So, who is your favorite Star Wars character?!?!

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