Saturday, January 14, 2023

Top Books of 2022

(Disclaimer:  I've added links to Amazon in this post and if you purchase through the links I may earn some $ - however, I encourage you to utilize your public library to read!)

 Last year was a pretty phenomenal year of reading for me - I read 119 books - which is far more than I've ever read in a year.  I attribute this to 3 things:  

  1. I created monthly reading challenges with my friend Kacey on Instagram and we challenged ourselves and others to read at least 6 books a month with different prompts each month! 
  2. I let myself read what I wanted to read - I indulged in all the rom-coms I wanted! It was great!  If it had an illustrated cover with 2 people on the cover, I read it!  I also read all of the Bridgerton books, which were wonderful!
  3. I was able to track my reading and my reading challenges in Storygraph.  I like Storygraph MUCH more than Goodreads because there are no ads.  Plus it has some really great charts and graphs of your reading statistics!  If you want to connect on Storygraph my username there is libraryladylife)
So, that being said, I read a lot of good books last year - you can see a quick look at all of my 5 star reads here.  (Disclaimer: I am pretty liberal with the 5 star ratings - I just can't help it!)

I read a ton of books about books, libraries, and bookstores - they were all so good!

I found a ton of new authors to love, including Christina Lauren, Helen Hoang, Talia Hibbert, Ali Hazelwood, Abby Jimenez, and rediscovered Meg Cabot!  

Because of book clubs I read some psychological thrillers and discovered that while very engaging, that is NOT my genre of choice! 

At the end of the year I completed a book bracket of my favorite reads from each month and it ended up that my favorite book of the year was The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms - definitely a great read.  But I wasn't really expecting the bracket to end up the way it did!  

What was your favorite read of 2022?

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