Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Ask a Librarian: Favorite Dystopian books

 Dystopian literature is a sub-genre of science fiction - where a fictional state or society that deals with great suffering or injustice - often under the guise of a perfect society.  

I have  LOT of favorite dystopian books, because it is one of my favorite genres, but there are some YA books that I pretty much recommend to everyone - and here they are!  

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You can also look for these books at your local library!)

Best classic dystopian book:  The Giver by Lois Lowry

This is a classic dystopian novel that transcends time - it is a must read!  There are also 3 additional books in this series.  

Dystopian book that had me writing down quotes from it:  Internment by Samira Ahmed

This book is a recent one and it hits very close to home for our day - it follows Islamophobia that takes place in America that leads to the internment of Muslim Americans.  Very good book that is thought-provoking!  (Would be a great companion to a WWII/Holocaust/Japanese-American Internment study)

Dystopian book that could actually happen:  Ashfall by Mike Mullin

This book follows what might happen after a supervolcanic explosion from Yellowstone.  So interesting - and potentially realistic! 

Best middle grades dystopian series: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

This series is just so good.  It is based on the concept that everyone in the society has plastic surgery to be beautiful when they turn 16.  I love this series and think it is a great middle grades series simply because of the focus at that age on looks and fitting in.  

Best dystopian book with romance:  The Selection by Kiera Kass

Hunger Games meets The Bachelor in this series - it is more than just a sweet YA romance though - it is well written and a great read!  

Dystopian book for computer lovers / gamers:  Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

This book follows a group of teenage gamers and hackers who are arrested by Homeland Security.  Very thought-provoking and good!  

Best stand-alone dystopian book (not a part of a series):  Feed by M.T. Anderson

SUCH a great book!  It is about a society where everyone has computer implant in their brain controlling their environment.  Great thoughts on our constant feed of information from our phones (and this was written in 2002!!)  

Creepiest dystopian book concept:  Unwind by Neal Shusterman

In response to the pro-choice/pro-life argument, no child may be aborted, but at age 13, the parent can choose to have them "unwound" - a process in which every organ and part is harvested for donation, thus not technically killing them.  Super creepy concept and a great series!  

What is your favorite dystopian book???  

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