Thursday, February 11, 2021

Master Bathroom Renovation Reveal!

Several years ago, we (and by we, I mean my husband) finished our hall bath renovation, and this week I can finally say we are DONE with our master bath renovation!!!

For some background, we bought our 1959 ranch home as a fixer upper - it was bank-owned, which meant we got a great deal, but we also got a great amount of work!  At this point Carlos has basically rebuilt every room in the house except the living room and the kitchen (and those are on the to do list!) 

When we first bought the house this is what the master bathroom looked like.  It was huge, having been the original kitchen in the house before a previous add-on.  It seemed that the countertop was 'new' - but if you look closely you can see that those 2x4s are holding up the sinks.  It was as if they turned the sinks upside down, drew a circle and then made that cut - and then realized the hole was too big.  

So immediately when we moved in, we had to replace the countertop.  We also replaced the sinks and the faucets, along with the doors and hardware.  It was an immediate improvement!  

What you can't see on the other side of the tub was a closet with our washer and dryer in it.  That was kind of strange, but rather convenient.  We lived with the bathroom like this just fine, but knowing it would have to be rehauled eventually.  Carlos completely renovated the kids' rooms each time I was pregnant (insulation, drywall, electrical, and windows) and then he did the hall bath renovation.  

What came next was actually the first step in the master bath renovation and that was the master bedroom.  He insulated, drywalled, and rewired the master bedroom.  As he was doing that, he changed the bathroom wall, adding two doors instead of just the one.

This is the original wall - with the one door to the bathroom

The wall with two pocket doors.  For a while they both led to the bathroom.  

When the two doors were put in the sink cabinet had to be taken out.  This left us with a toilet and shower, and we had to use the sink in the hall bath.  

Before the bathroom could be completed, the washer and dryer had to be moved.  This meant that Carlos had to do plumbing and electrical at their new location.  He also installed a new tankless water heater and relocated an electrical panel.  (The work never ends for Carlos!)

So finally the real demolition began!

Absolutely everything came out - and Carlos had to actually rebuild some of the floor, so when I say he built it from the ground up - I mean it literally!

The plan was to split the huge room into 2 smaller rooms - one to be an office/walk-in closet and the other side to be the master bath.  So he framed a wall between them.  

After that came drywall, electrical, and plumbing.  We took out the window (which was the old kitchen window but currently just looks out onto the carport) and he also added heated floors and a beautiful ceiling.  

After a LOT of work, it is finally finished.  And it is beautiful! 


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