Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Library Lady's 2019 Book Challenge

Who is ready for a book challenge???  I've decided that in addition to reading 40 books this year, I'd like to challenge myself a bit further.  (Can you tell I like challenges??)

Anyway, I'd love for you to join in, and use the #libraryladybookchallenge2019 so I can see what you are choosing to read for the challenge!

Get a free printable of this list HERE!

Most of the books on the challenge allow you a lot of choice.  The only specific item is a book by Agatha Christie.  I recently realized I have not read anything by her, and I realized I needed to fix that!  Maybe you do too!  If you choose to read a separate book for each item, that's great!  If you choose to allow one book to meet more than one item, that's good too!  

I will have to be honest - the graphic novel one may be hard for me as I don't find it easy to read graphic novels, but I will try to find a great one!  

I want to give you some resources to help you find some books that meet the requirements on the list to help you out. 

So, who's in?  If this is something you would love, come join The Library Lady's Book Club community where you can discuss all things books!  

What will be your first book read for the challenge?  

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