Saturday, February 3, 2018

Teaching your Children to DO Good

While my job as a parent seems overwhelming and never ending in all of the things I want to teach my kids, teaching them to DO GOOD rather than BE GOOD is up there in the top 5.  It is so easy to fall back on teaching kids to "be good" - we say it as we leave them with the grandparents or as we drop them off at school.  It's pervasive in our culture to teach our kids to be good - but that pretty much has no meaning.  It's relative and dependent on someone's viewpoint of what "good" means. Besides the fact that the Bible says no one is good except for God (Mark 10:18) 

However, "do good" is a bit more concrete. I can give my kids specific examples of how to "do good."  We can brainstorm ways to do good.  
  • Help your friend or sibling
  • Stand up for a friend who is being made fun of
  • Share your dessert with someone.  
  • Raise money for a cause.  
  • Grow out your hair to donate. 
  • Volunteer with a local organization
  • Donate items to a pet shelter. 
In addition to these simple ideas, you can also check out Do Something and Kids That Do Good for more ways to be intentional in doing good.

How do you teach your kids to do good?    

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