Saturday, December 30, 2017

Disney Love: DisneyBounding

So I've publicly expressed my love for Disney - but what to do when you can't actually be at the parks?  

Enter Disneybounding.  

Practiced for years by the diehard Disney fashionistas, it was made popular by Leslie Kay when she created a website in 2012.  

Disneybounding is dressing in the style/colors of Disney characters - but not a costume. You can go as spot on or as subtle as you like, and the best part of bounding is that you can dress in your own style!  It's a fun way to keep Disney in the forefront even in your every day life. There are SO many AWESOME bounders out there to follow on instagram - just search the #disneybound and you will see some great ones!  

Check out my list for Disneybounding essentials on Amazon!  

These are a few of my favorite bounds from the last year or so . . . 

Snow White 

Another Snow White bound - this time with my DD

Donald Duck


Minnie Mouse

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